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Our Dog Family

These are the dogs that are part of our family. We hope you like them as much as we do. (I know it's a little confusing the way our pics are set up on this page but the dogs names and info are above the photos.) 

Rommel Vom Kurz

Rommel is a 100% European bred male that is the sire and grand sire of several of our dogs. He has been part of our family for almost 9 years now. You can see some of his other pups at including Buck Von Kaspen Haus, Rommel Von Kaspen Haus(for sale), and Bear Von Kaspen Haus(sold). His pups at our Kennels include Sir Duke Of Olds and Zoe Vom Bressler and his grand babies include Boda Vom Bressler and Zeva Vom Presley Haus. As well as babies and grandbabies for sale throughout the year. You can see his pedigree at We currently have a litter available out of Rommel and Molly and a litter of grandbabies out of Duke and Czarina. 

Sir Duke Of Olds

Duke is a 5 year old son of Rommel. He is a great grandson of Gypsy with 2 Memphis Police K-9s on his pedigree. He has the looks, the brain, and the loyalty that anyone can appreciate. He is a quick learner, great with kids, other dogs and cats. What more could you expect? He is the type of dog that we strive to produce. See Duke's Pedigree at   

Zoe Vom Bressler

Zoe is a beautiful female with a great temprment and the ability to raise huge healthy babies. She is a 4 year old full sister to Duke. Zoe is the dam to Zeva, the newest permanant edition to our female family of dogs.

Zeva Vom Presley Haus

Born 4-4-09 to Zoe and Wyatt(THP K-9), Zeva is the newest female edition to our family. She is a high drive puppy with more energy than you can imagine however she can calm down when she needs to. She is a super smart puppy and a pure pleasure to be around.

Boda Vom Bressler

Boda was born August 4th, 2007 to Bella Vom Bressler (a daughter of Rommel and Bonnie who was the dam to Wyatt) and Quando Vom Bac (the sire to Wyatt). Boda has an excellent temperment which we hope she will pass on to her offspring. Boda recently went for her OFA prelim and everything looks good! 

Jenna Von Kaspenhaus

Jenna is out of Jag(working police K9 from von kaspenhaus working dogs and Dia Von Sudlow(an Ursus Von Batu grand daughter). She is a big girl and has a great fun loving personality. Jenna is a very beautiful dog and we have hopes of add her to our breeding program when she is mature. She decided to be camera shy when we were taking pics. Both her ears do stand up nicely but she apparently didn't want you to know it. Will update with better pic soon.

J & M's Czarina Zoe

Zarina is a beautiful female with a good disposition. She has a incredible instint to herd. She is forever rounding up our horses trying to get them closer together. She just whelped he first litter of 4 beautiful puppies by Duke! They will be ready to go in September!

Molly Vom Bressler

Molly is a 100% German female. Her parents are both imports. She was born at Hudson Haus kennels. She whelps large litters with every pup being sable. These pups have even temperments and a tremendous desire to please. They are excellent for any type of service work. You can see her pedigree at We currently have a litter of puppies out of her and Rommel for sale.

Rex Von Godwinhaus

We aquired Rex on 8/02/09 and yeah he's a little underweight but with names like Lasso, Vom Arlett, Wienerau, Hobby, Batu, and Wildsteiger Land close up on his pedigree we couldn't turn him down. We plan to add Rex to our breeding program when he gets healthy and mature enough. We feel he will be a great asset to our kennel once we get him in shape. You can see his father's pedigree at and his dam's pedigree at We will update his pic as he pick's up weight. 

Regen Vom Windigen Hugel

We are proud to have been able to purchase Regen from Windy Hill Kennels which is where we purchased Rommel more than 8 years ago. He is a wonderful puppy to be around and we hope to be able to use him as a stud dog in the future. He is a beautiful black and red color and should have beautiful markings when matured. He has Ursus, Larus, Yasko, Kimon, Wienerau, Romerau, Arminius, Wildsteiger Land, Lasso, and Nero in his bloodlines and his pedigree is covered with titles. You can see his dam's pedigree at and his sires at